Sabudana Vada - Sago Vada

Fry or Air Fry. Ingredients:One and a half cup sabudana (Sago)soaked overnight. One medium-size potato - small pieces. 4 to 6 chillis and a medium piece of ginger grated not very fine If you don't eat ginger for fasting do not put it. Salt one and a half teaspoon or as needed Roasted grounded peanuts - 1 cup. Cilantro cut finely Half a bunch will be nice. Some flour - vari or Araroot or even potato flex is ok for binding. Mix everything and make small balls and make them a little flat. While making balls you can use oil to make sure they don't stick to your hand Fry in oil or Ghee that is your choice. Fry until they get a bit brown. They are crisp and tasty.. You can also AirFry them they come out nice with Air frying and also becomes easy to make.