Gode Varan or Plain Dal

Making plain Dal - Varan - A Maharashtrian and also CKP Recipe. How to make plan dal or Gode Varan. Ingredients - Toor Dal one cup, Turmeric 1 teaspoon, Hing - One large pinch, salt to taste, Sugar if you would like, Hot water Soak the dal for few hours then boil in pressure cooker. When it boils white foam comes on the top. Remove the foam on the top. This makes the dal very tasty since the strong smell comes out of the dal and also it cooks softer and would not come out of pressure cooker near the pressure. Also taking out foam makes the dal easy to digest. After that add Turmeric one teaspoon, Hing a pinch and two flat teaspoon salt for two full cups of dal. Then start the pressure cooker, after the pressure reduce to low heat for 10 minutes. Also you can make the cooker on low just before the pressure goes and keep for 15 minutes. Also you can cook this in Instapot. After the pressure is gone completely open the pressure cooker and then add one cup of hot water to it and boil to a full boil. You can add some more hot water to make it to right consistancy. Many people will add per cup one Table spoon of Sugar to the dal. But many people in the north does not like to add sweet, so it is upto you if you would like to add sugar or not. Both ways this Varan test really yummy. What to eat it with? what food one can eat Varan? Varan, roti or rice and stuffed baingan test really good. Varan, roti or rice and spicy potatos tests yum Varan also goes with rice and Ghee and any dry vegetable Nutritional Value- Varan has carbs but also contains proteins so is a important ingredient for Vegeterian people.