Want to have fresh Cilantro ( Kothamir) all week long? Here is a simple trick. Take a bottle and put a rubber band around it. Fill half the bottle and then put the cilantro in it and then put a small plastic bag around it like a balloon by gathering the plastic bag tucking it in the rubber band.  

This also can be kept in the door of the Fridge. I have one compartment where I keep all my ginger, cilantro etc.

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Cilantro or Coriander gets bad very soon. So to preserve it for many days this is one more method. Take clean washed and dried Cilantro. Make small bunches- as per how much approximately you use for each time use. Then cut the stems out. Wrap the bunches individually tight in Saran Wrap.

When you want to use take out one packet and cut it finely. This is frozen fresh, next best to Fresh Cilantro. You can also save mint, parsley, and other herbs using this method.