Learn to control Moisture when you are cooking.

The correct amount of moisture is key to your cooking. Food cooks well, by adding the right amount of water at the right time. Also when you are adding water, if you use hot water, that really makes a difference. While cooking you do not want to bring the temperature down of the food, that you are cooking. So use hot water. This also brings your cooking time down. I always start boiling a small amount of water in a small pot when I start cooking, so the hot water is ready when you need it. Also if you have hot water dispenser use the hot water instead of cold water while cooking.

 Always, First, heat the pan and then add the oil.

Add oil to a hot pan to prevent the oil from breaking down and forming a gummy substance on the pan.
The food sticks less to the pan if you heat up the pan and then pour oil in it.
When the oil gets hot it gets the ripples and shimmer then add the ingredients.
Also, first heating the pan will make sure there is no water in the pan.

Defrosting Food


Do you know defrosting food is faster if you keep it under slow running water .

 Just keeping underwater takes a longer time.

 So what I do is keep the food underwater but keep slow water running on top.

How to keep your phone clean while cooking, cleaning, gardening.

You can also keep your mobile in a ziplock bag.
Wrap your phone in Saran Wrap and use it The phone remains clean and you can use all features. If you are cooking and your hands are going to be dirty and the mobile is going to ring for sure. Wrap your mobile in Saran Wrap and use the mobile without making it dirty. The touch screen works behind the Saran Wrap.

You can use the trick also while cleaning, gardening etc.

How to Preserve Cilantro, Mint, Parsley and other herbs

Want to have fresh Cilantro ( Kothamir) all week long? Here is a simple trick. Take a bottle and put a rubber band around it. Fill half the bottle and then put the cilantro in it and then put a small plastic bag around it like a balloon by gathering the plastic bag tucking it in the rubber band.  

This also can be kept in the door of the Fridge. I have one compartment where I keep all my ginger, cilantro etc.

Cilantro or Coriander gets bad very soon. So to preserve it for many days this is one more method. Take clean washed and dried Cilantro. Make small bunches- as per how much approximately you use for each time use. Then cut the stems out. Wrap the bunches individually tight in Saran Wrap.

When you want to use take out one packet and cut it finely. This is frozen fresh, next best to Fresh Cilantro. You can also save mint, parsley, and other herbs using this method.

Use Your Scissors in the Kitchen to save time and be efficient.



Use your Kitchen Scissors to save time. Many times to cut chilies or cut food quickly try to use kitchen scissors – that will save you time and energy.

Especially when you are cutting your children’s food. Like French toast or pancake even the Roti can be cut in even pieces using kitchen Scissors.

Once you start using kitchen scissors and get used to it, you will find yourself using it more and more every day to save time. Also if you use scissors you don’t need a cutting board, so one less thing to clean.

 How to Peel and Mince Garlic  with Minimum touching.

 I hate to touch garlic. So here is what I do. First shake it in a empty tall bottle and take out outer skin. Then 10 seconds in microwave, the peels come off. If you dont use microwave then you take outer skin off and put them back and shake more and skin will come off. Make sure it is a tall and narrow bottle to get better and quick results.

Also the Silicon Peeler comes free with this Garlic Mincer that works too.
Then mince it and take it out with a spoon. This way hands do not smell.

Joseph and Joseph is the brand I recommend

Whenever you are cooking something and walking away to do something else, make it a habit to start an alarm on your oven or on your phone for reminders.

Believe me this will avoid a lot of agony over burned food and will save time to clean those burnt utensils.

If you are making egg curry and have a lot of eggs to peel use this trick.

Take an empty bottle drop one egg at a time and shake vertically. Magic Happens the egg will be fully peeled.

Please make sure you are using hard-boiled eggs.

  • How to make Washing Dishes Made Easy

Here is the trick to save time and energy when you don’t have help.

Put a large pot in the sink three fourths full and keep dropping your dirty used utensils in that pot instead of the sink

They are now not dry and easy to clean when ever you want to clean them

Washing Dishes made easy

For working women especially very useful but all the cooks will benefit from this trick.

Saute your onions and keep in the freeze.

Sauted Onions has no smell and can use it for 4 to 5 days easily.

Own a cheap coffee and spice grinder to make fresh ground spices.
Nothing like fresh ground Cinnamon, cardamom or any other spices. Freshly ground spices make the food really tasty and aromatic. Grind a little save a little and use as much freshly ground spices.